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Full Version: Lovelife status?
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Just wondering, how\'s everyone\'s doing in his/her lovelife? Feel free to elaborate Smile
your really asking for trouble you know that :\\
How so? It\'s a simple question! And I\'m not forcing anyone to answer, so if you don\'t want to share that information, then don\'t. No hard feelings. Otherwise, just ignore it and see where it goes from afar.
simple question, but not so simple answers Tongue
I voted \"i\'m happy thanks\" cause i don\'t wanna date you. Tongue
well, I\'m in a sticky situation to say the least...
I\'ve just met this awesome girl, seen her a few times, you know, going out with friends and as friends, and I really like her and I know she likes me but I\'m not sure she likes me the way I like her...

To spice up all the stuff (alot, in a very painfull twisted way) I\'m leaving for summer camp with scouting this thursday. Summer camp: been looking forward to it all year, and now I really don\'t want to go. No cell phone, no PC (no email/msn), no home parties, no local caf? outings to meet her... Gonna be hell if you ask me...
I hear you say cancel summer camp and go for the girl, I just can\'t.
I mean, looking forward to it so much and not going, is just ridiculous. And this isn\'t a movie so I won\'t make sacrifices that seem soooo frickin\' much but aren\'t real.

*ahem* sorry couldnt control myself there...
I had one girlfriend in my life (almost 19 years old o_O) so i feel kinda lonely Tongue

w00p, go to summer camp and have a hell of a time Smile just.. before you go.. talk with her, go out with just her, and ask her how she feels about you Smile (that is, if you know her for sometime, if you have only been going out for 2 days.. forget that Tongue)

There are 2 possible answers you can get:
-I like you the way you like me (well sorta)
-I like you as a friend

either way, you\'ll know, if she wants to be friends, check the girls at camp :angelface:
if she likes you too.. then you both have something to look forward to Smile

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way responsable for any damage/hurt my advice may cause, I am a simple person with not that many experience Tongue (and it all depends on how long you\'ve known her.. you know when the time is right to ask, dont rush things)

again, if any of you know a hot and single girl in Rotterdam age under 18, lemme know Tongue (dont want her to be older than me Tongue)

btw: evert, hows your love-life? is there something you want to talk about? Tongue
I always go for girls that already have boyfriends. It sucks.
*They* are supposed to do that bit pun Tongue

As for me.... The situation could well change dramatically over the next 3 weeks, I shall post up in this thread come such a time that a note-worthy point has been reached, for better or for worse.

For me, I will say I\'m happy.

I don\'t have a girlfriend, but I wouldn\'t mind having one; I\'m happy still. Sorta. Oh well.
Sad she invited me to come by her home next weekend.
It started, I\'m gonna sit at that stupid camp wanting to be at home! :angry:

(fyi I\'m leaving this thursday so no weekend for me)

This is really haunting me... I dreamed last night I was filling in the registration form (I still have to sign up, slacky organisation...) and my mom was saying that if i said i\'d go, I couldn\'t back out. :con:
This is kinda spooky. Tongue
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