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Full Version: The Desktop Thread
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there used to be a post ur desktop thread, but it died....
so, here is my laptop\'s desktop:
[Image: desktop050915.jpg]
my win 2000 tower:

cool, another one who uses all 3 major browsers together ^^
organisation is the key Tongue

[Image: desktop_small.jpg]

it\'s a pic of my brother that I\'ve mixed with
it moves Big Grin
[Image: desky7vq.jpg]
[Image: naamloo9ha.jpg]

havent changed it in ages.
lol you still have unreal badlands! Big Grin
haven\'t played that in ages, was fun when I remembered it...
you\'ve got some unread google mail there buddy Wink

just thourght i\'d point that out Tongue
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