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Cover systems
06-05-2007, 08:36 PM
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Cover systems
As far as my knowledge goes, this hasn\'t really been discussed, so i\'m curious what everyone\'s thoughts are on the matter.
I\'d like to know if you\'d like to see a cover system of some fashion in ttr, and also what games you\'ve played with cover systems and what you liked about them; or you can throw up ideas for your own if you\'d like.

I\'d been putting some serious consideration at a proper cover system for future ttr and wasn\'t completely sure as to how to approach something so potentially critical to the gameplay process.
As realistic and abusive as the damage/weapon systems are in ttr, and ttr\'s generally slower pace than most run and gun games, something like a cover system to promote self preservation and tactices would seem right at home in ttr.

The primary challenge comes from the fact that it needs to be intuitive and simple, but at the same time very effective and robust.

My personal idea for a cover system worked something like this:
You enter cover my sprinting into a wall(like GoW), pressing against it consistantly(like Metal Gear Solid) or pressing a \'cover\' button(more on this).
Basically, there are a number of ways to get on the wall. Easy enough.
Firstly, as ttr is more grounded in realism than most games, the cover system would NOT be 3rd person perspective. This makes things more realistic and at the same time adds to the tension of blind fire and cover itself as you don\'t know if the enemy is charging, or dead from a luck shot.
Effectively, you\'d put your back to the wall, and move much like most other cover systems. walking left/right, etc. if you click your fire button and you\'re near a \'fire spot\'; in which i mean you can stick your gun around a corner or over your head with a clear shot and nothing in the way(like, say, wall) you\'ll do blind fire. Since this would be first person, it would legitimately BE blind fire.
Clicking your iron sights button would bring you up and into ironsights so you can make a real shot. But this will expose you making it dangerous.
While you\'re not firing, but in cover, the mouse will move the camera around, but not the gun. So when you enter cover, your guy will lower his weapon(or put it up, whichever)and camera movement will be you moving the head around for looking around.
To break from cover, you would simply need to walk forward(since your back is to the wall) or you could hit the \'cover context\' button.
Now, with the CC button, you could do a fair number of stuff with this.

A few ideas would be having something like gears, popping between sections of cover for instance. So if you had a hole blown in a wall, you could move to the edge of the hole, click the cc button and he\'d quickly move across the gap and back into cover automatically. Just one idea.
Another thing i\'d like to point is in this cover system, while you have your back on the wall, your movment isn\'t drastically cut. Depending on your stance(your guy would raise/lower his stance based on how much cover it is, so you\'re not standing behind a low wall making your upper half exposed Tongue ) you would move mostly normally, you\'d just follow the wall.
So if you\'re standing, you\'ll move something between a walk and a jog pace. same idea with crouch. You use the cover, you\'re not glued to it.

Anywho, cover is showing up more in todays more tactical shooters, and it got me thinking about the fact that something like this would be right at home in ttr ONLY if it where done right and to ttr\'s style.
While something like this would require a fair bit of effort and testing, it could add a lot to ttr i think, so i\'d like to know what you guys think of my idea, and other suggestions/thoughts on cover. Big Grin
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06-05-2007, 08:54 PM
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RE: Cover systems
Personally i believe the special cover button would work best. perhaps use controll for it default? On how cover gets implemented i dont have any suggestions atm hopefully later i do.
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06-05-2007, 10:16 PM
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RE: Cover systems
I don\'t think cover system is neccesary. Lean left/right is enough and won\'t require too much workSmile
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06-06-2007, 02:01 AM (This post was last modified: 06-06-2007 02:06 AM by Smithcraft.)
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RE: Cover systems
I don\'t like the way that it works in Gears of War. Fenix is always sticking himself to the wrong freaking object, or not sticking himself.

I also don\'t care for the RB6 way of holding the cover button, to stay in cover. It gets tiresome after a bit.

I prefer the GRAW system, which works more like cover toggle, much like the crouch toggle in TTR.

Never been a big fan of \'lean\' features.

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