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Marktrock 2005
08-16-2005, 09:54 PM (This post was last modified: 08-16-2005 10:00 PM by w00p.)
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Marktrock 2005
Here my report of how marktrock 2005 was for me.

-Saturday 13 aug.
First band we saw was yevgueni on the \"hoogeschoolplein\".
Don\'t really remember too much of it, but that means it wasn\'t too bad neither. Then we wandered around a bit, to go back to the \"vismarkt\" (<-- place to be ) and saw Nid&Sancy. Wow, that was so frickin\' awesome! Great mix between house, dance and electro, had a great time there...
After that, JANEZ DETD! (this is why vismarkt is the place to be: rock, metal, punk and electronic, but only the good electronic stuff)
They rocked! Crowdsurfed about 5 times from around the middle of the crowd, so thats about 100M each time. =D
The security at the bar started to know my face, and they actually let me stay behind the bar for a minute to talk and stuff, so I saw janez detd from about 2 meters away! :eek:
Nice moshpit btw.

after that, our intentions were to stay there to see ultrasonic 7, but they were boring, and we left to grab something to eat, and afer that went home

-sunday 14 aug.
The famous \"oude markt\". Riddled with caf?\'s, its generally leuvens centre and hart for going out, and its the only stage where you actually have to pay.
The line-up was great that day, so we entered the oude markt at about 3-4 o clock.
First 2 bands were bland, stash and arsenal.
Then the \"marktrock tribute band\". They pretty much sucked too, but it was a gig of lots of close friends of one of the leading organisators, that made marktrock what it is today. He passed away during the year, and it was a tribute to him.

They really are great live! The singer looks a little girlpants, but he\'s very talented!
It was the bassist\'s birthday that day, so yeah. \\m/
Great drums too.
Me and my best mate where up front in the middle about 20 metres from the bar, and it was raining like hell, but t was well worth it! Plus the rain added up to the \"atmosphere\". Great, great gig! :tup:

After that, the freestylers came. Expected them to be a great party, and they were, like, the first 10 minutes. Then they just became repetitive and dull. To make everything even worse some female guest singer (the voice behind \"push up\") came and ruined it all with screaming our ears out.

And then...
The Sound Of Ti?stooooooooo! 8)
The first beat was enough for everybody and everything to move. It was magical! Awesome vibe.
I expected it to be the semi-sucky would-be trance he produces himself, but it was full out trance! Never partied like that before!
Then some of our (female) friends started thinking \"why wear clothes?\" and before I knew it I was dancing with girls in bikini\'s! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
And wow, I didn\'t know them, but they even knew my name! Don\'t know how, from where, and it was dark with great lightshow, so I didn\'t get tooo much of a look of their face but I didn\'t recognise them...
Anyway: 8):tup:
Then he stopped, more than 13.000 people where simultaneosly shouting \"we want more\".
What a rush!
Ten mniutes of us begging got him to return. Tongue

Best party ever!

-Monday 15 aug.
I was quite tired, and only got out of bed at 1 o clock. Had to do some little jobs for me parents, and at about quarter to five I sat down in the couch, thinking I\'d better start getting ready to go again. I ask the time... HOOOOLY SHIIIT!
Moms brought me with the car.
No stinking bus no way!
On to the vismarkt for an entire day!
I missed X!nk, a childrens rock band. But don\'t be fooled, these youngsters know what they\'re doing!
I met someone who saw them. An older guy, he\'s a trucker, has the blubbiest beer belly ever, very very very long hair and he listens to the ancient \"hard rock\" bands like AC/DC, bodycount etc, and he told me if it wasn\'t for all the 10 year olds up front, he\'d look into *moshing opportunities*. Big Grin
X!nk really is gonna make it when they grow up, I\'m sure!
SOOO, them, I didn\'t see...
Well, they were followed up by absynthe minded. Nice band, music is put together clean, but not my style.
Do respect them though, gotta respect any band that uses a contrabass instead of an electric one.
They did kind of ruin their own stuff with the violin and the electric piano...
Peter Evrard, however, rocked!
Not much to add. Hair hanging to his elbows, rock with lots of metal put in, headbanging, I was (pleasantly) surprised!
They also played a cover of nirvana, and put punk drums behind it. Very nice. I think the mosh pit became lethal at that point. =P
Satellite city then. They plain sucked and gave me a headache wich lasted the entire evening.
But hey, the reward was worth the wait: THE KIDS!!!
Nice classic punk, got everybody enjoying. Even the old grunts at the back!
Sven Van Hees, the last gig I\'d see of marktrock 2005.
It was this DJ making a techno/lounge mix, all the time, doing effects and stuff, and 2 other guys, one playing some sort of djemb?-drumset or something entirely with his hands. Very latino sound. The other guy was playing electric guitar, with an effects box. The total was very nice and relaxing, but didn\'t float my boat. It was supposed to be dancing music, but I really couldn\'t move anything while \"feeling\" the music, so the gig didn\'t really succeed. It\'d be great chillroom style music though!

Now, well, I\'m tired to heck, and a bit bored, still in a little bit of a trance of all the great times I had...

I did loose my GF over marktrock.
She was there only 1 day, and that was the second day (to see ti?sto). She was there with a few of her friends, I come up and say hi and I wan\'t to hug her, and she gives me this friendly looking but very mean \"I\'d rather not\" smile. She then just keeps talking to her friends, and acts as if I\'m nothing but air.
She had done that before, and said as an excuse it was her cyclus, but that was 2 weeks ago, so she can\'t be there again.
I conclude she really doesn\'t care about me, and as I come to think of it, she probably was ignoring me on purpose that other time.

So I just left... I just left to see my own friends. Had more fun in 5 minutes there than I had the first 2 hours with her and her friends.
I regretted it about a few minutes later, and about a half an hour later I send her an sms, saying I\'d like to talk to her, she replies \"wouldn\'t it be better to just talk when marktrock is over?\"
I replied \"oh well then. nevermind. everything.\"
I still kind of reget it but I can\'t control what she feels for me, and theres no good in pretending...
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08-24-2005, 08:20 AM
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RE: Marktrock 2005
Hmm..sounds like a good time. Sorry about you loss, but maybe you overreacted a bit? Sometimes girls just can\'t show their love for you at every second. Or maybe there was some other reason, but it doesn\'t seem like grounds to break-up =/ Then again I don\'t really know whats gonig on
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08-24-2005, 01:57 PM
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RE: Marktrock 2005
my Claire didn\'t want to hug me either Sad
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08-24-2005, 06:44 PM
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RE: Marktrock 2005
yea but did she ignore you? (and it wasn\'t even the first time it happened)

I gave up enough for her, I was just sick and tired of it. I gave \"us\" loads of chances.
I have to sit 30-40 minutes in a stupid bus, walk about 15 minutes to get to her home, and I did it! I gave up loads of parties to see her (we\'re somewhat from different neighbourhoods, she lives about 15KM further) and she ignores me or can\'t show up because of this little excuse or that little inconvenience. (wich I would\'ve ignored and came anyway)
She has a moped and hasn\'t even thought of coming over to my place. So don\'t say I didn\'t give it enough chances. If she doesn\'t care, she doesn\'t care.

Overall she has always behaved frisky about me and I\'m thinking she just never really liked me the way I did. (maybe not at all)

And andius, course she can\'t show affection every second. She couldn\'t even show it any second!

I\'m proud its over actually...
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08-25-2005, 02:26 AM
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RE: Marktrock 2005
I think we need to find some humans that genuinly care about us.

(other than our parents i mean)
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08-25-2005, 02:43 AM
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RE: Marktrock 2005
communicate man, really, ask here why she does the things she does, and don\'t settle for a \'i\'m just in my period\' answer. There could be quite some reasons behind her actions.
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08-25-2005, 03:25 AM
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RE: Marktrock 2005
Claire just says dhe doesn\'t know for fucks sake.
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08-29-2005, 07:50 PM
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RE: Marktrock 2005
Ever heared about sisters, brothers and real comrades?
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