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I've got movement!
08-27-2014, 12:30 PM
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I've got movement!
Right! Sorry it took a while to get my post back on here.

So, you may note that the place looks different. That's intentional, don't freak out.
This is the new forum board!

Now, as I'd mentioned in the previous thread, I wasn't able to retain the password info due to the systems being updated so much from the old board's version.

However, everything else should be in-tact. So, how do we fix that?

Well, you can head on over to and log in as usual and send me a PM with the password you want your profile to use on the new board. If your account's email is current, you should also be able to just request a password reset on the new board.

I'll be keeping the old board up for as long as needed. There's some flakey URL shennanigans as I try and get pointed over here correctly, so if there's any problems accessing stuff, fire off an email at me: Reno @ ghc-games . com.

So, what, that's it?
Nope. The main reason for delay is getting a nice new dedicated server set up which this is all on and trying to get everything ported correctly. I also started a new job(naturally got hired right at the end of the fiscal year, so it's a bit crazy there).

In addition to that, in a few days I should have a Walkthrough demo up for the Radar level.
There's still some gameplay scripts I have to port and correct(namely the player and weapon state machines - kinda important for the main gameplay) but the basic level stuffs is done.

So what I'll be doing is releasing Radar first in which you can wander around and check out the level, and then release another level into the game, etc, etc until I get the rest of the game code ported to the new build.

At which point it can be packaged up with a bow and pushed out.

I'll be doing another post going over what the deal with the current build of the engine I'm using and whatnot in depth soon as well.

Wait, what, hold on!

What's with this stupid '' garbage?
Well, I don't plan to ONLY have worked on TTR forever - just most of forever. As I'm approaching the breaking point with TTR being able to be put out in a playable state, I've started designing my first commercial game prospect. TTR's getting the attention, but I've started putting together design docs and the like for the next game.

If I've got more than a single game, it's easier to have some kinda company name so people have a nice, neat place to lob complaints at.

Like said, I plan to continue to de-generic-fy the place and fix up and URL problems, but [ghc]Games is gunna be the entity under which stuff I make goes out from.

*cue The More You Know jingle*

-Reno out
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