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Confessions - The_Punisher - 06-02-2006 03:08 PM

Horror movies scare the piss out of me. However, I absolutely love grade B horror movies. The campier, the better.

Pauly Shore makes me laugh. I cannot control my laughing at all when a Pauly Shore movie comes on. Though I will not buy a Pauly Shore movie for fear of reprisal from friends.

What do you have to confess?

RE: Confessions - Smithcraft - 06-03-2006 02:05 PM

Dude, Pauly Shore is funny. I wouldn\'t buy any of his movies \'cuz they don\'t have really any replay value.

As for my confession, hmmm.

I\'ll go with- I\'m lost.

I\'ll let you all figure it out.


RE: Confessions - andius - 06-03-2006 06:16 PM

Do you watch that T.V show? Lost?

I only visit here like 1 once a week ~

RE: Confessions - tomcat ha - 06-04-2006 05:17 AM

Confessions. Hmmmm.

I dont really have any. I feel left out Sad

RE: Confessions - The_Punisher - 06-04-2006 11:48 AM

Quote:Dude, Pauly Shore is funny. I wouldn\'t buy any of his movies \'cuz they don\'t have really any replay value.

I could watch his army flick over and over and over til the day I die. It would never get old.

RE: Confessions - Mengioto - 06-05-2006 04:09 AM

I\'m scared to death of horror movies, thrillers are okay though...

Last, when I saw \"Silent Hill\" I laughed and was scared and was annoyed by the blondness of the blond woman (can\'t remember her name atm..) she does the stupidest things!

I really liked the w3rd guy in the black clothes with the triangle like metal thing over his head and with his giagantic blades Big Grin

Confessions however...

I have to confess, I hate my eating habit (like any other girl), I hate my ability to plan things and not doing them eventually, I hate being alone from time to time, I like being annoying however... and being bossy, giving orders :evil:

RE: Confessions - viper - 06-05-2006 06:18 AM

I hate being alone and having no friends in my local area no more (nearest is 20miles away) so don\'t get out anymore and don\'t meet new people...or girls as a result Sad

RE: Confessions - Smithcraft - 06-05-2006 12:05 PM

Anybody here ever read Stephen King\'s Bachman Book? Particularly the story, Rage?


RE: Confessions - tomcat ha - 06-05-2006 09:54 PM

All the horror movies i have ever watched make me laugh. Especially the child eating clown. Omg that is soooo funny.

RE: Confessions - Jonathan - 06-11-2006 04:35 AM

:redface: I\'ve just spent 17 hours modelling a single staircase.