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Forum Bugs (Collective Thread) - ElvenKind - 01-20-2005 07:58 PM

These are the known bugs people have found/experience. If you find any new ones, report them in here and I\'ll add them to this list.

Wheter or not they will/can be fixed is up to Spunge.

Bug List :
  1. Forum reports read threads, newly created posts (by yourself) as "New Post".
    Solution : Make sure to click/view the forum you just posted in/read. That will clear all the "New Post" icons.
  2. If you have sent or received a PM you may get a message reading "Warning. You have reached your message limit. To be able to receive messages you will need to delete old messages."
  3. The forum clock is way off.
    Solution : None.
  4. Users see the \'Edit\' button on all posts even though they are not moderators.
  5. During message composing, the reset button is very close to the submit button. A suggestion to relocate the reset button - or put a confirmation box on it - has been forwarded.
    Solution : None.
  6. When you click the "Mark this forum read." link a message appears up top saying that "all" forums have been marked read even though you just marked/clicked one..
    Solution : None.

RE: Forum Bugs (Collective Thread) - =D.C.L.I=Everest - 01-21-2005 01:54 AM

That first one is annoying, I keep thinking there\'s something I left unread... I hope something can be done about it. Otherwise, I guess I\'ll have to get used to it Smile

RE: Forum Bugs (Collective Thread) - viper - 01-21-2005 03:27 AM

ok one old bug and one new in attached image....

black circle = i read them all twice and it still showed new.
red circle = everts broke the post title! (somehow evert posted in a nonexistant music thread in news)


RE: Forum Bugs (Collective Thread) - =D.C.L.I=Everest - 01-21-2005 07:15 AM

Yeah I noticed that too, not a clue how I pulled that one off :doubt:

RE: Forum Bugs (Collective Thread) - Jonathan - 02-05-2005 09:07 PM

I\'ve attempted a fix for the warning regular users get when they use the PM system. Can anyone confirm if the error is gone?

RE: Forum Bugs (Collective Thread) - viper - 02-05-2005 09:36 PM


RE: Forum Bugs (Collective Thread) - andius - 02-07-2005 07:13 PM

One thats not really a bug, is the fact that the reset button is close to the submit button. Lol, could you put at least a confirmation box on the reset command, cause I lost a good thread to that damn button.

RE: Forum Bugs (Collective Thread) - Jonathan - 02-10-2005 08:24 AM

People should now no longer see the edit button on every post when they do not have the needed permissions to do so.

RE: Forum Bugs (Collective Thread) - ElvenKind - 02-10-2005 07:43 PM

Updated the list to reflect the current situation better Smile

I even put in one of my own at the bottom Wink

RE: Forum Bugs (Collective Thread) - Smithcraft - 02-12-2005 03:14 AM

Well, it isn\'t a bug, but at the bottom of the thread, the navigation buttons \"?\" are a bit small. So rather than clicking on next page, I end up clicking last page, and miss all the fun stuff in-between.

I imagine the solution would be something like a bit more spacing between the \"?\" and the \"last\" links would do the trick.

Also, in the new thread listing black\'s thread to the Admins isn\'t showing a locked icon, just a been read icon.