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Full Version: Neat. Modelly.....3d.....goodness stuff
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Well, since I know it would come up more and more as we got further into ttr\'s development(reworking weapons, players, objects, etc) I had decided to start teaching myself how to model, unwrap and skin proper.

Its not much really, and I already have depricated this so I\'ll likely go back and redo it making it better, but its not a bad foray I think.

It\'s the sniper rifle from Halo, number 3 specfically.
[Image: srs99cs2ammk2006zt6.th.png]

Lemme know what you think, I\'d be glad to get some critiques on it so I can get better!
(And i know that the scope is missing, as well as the bipod, those haven\'t been done yet)
Without the scope, it kinda looks like a future version of the BAR!


eastergg anyone? XD
Lol, oh man, that\'d be terrible.
I\'ve researched the specs on the real-life version of that thing, as well as the Halo game version and it\'s a beast.
You could shoot that through several walls easy with the APFSDS rounds(Armor Piercing Fin Stabiized Discarding Sabot) or have the good old AP high explosive rounds.
The thing is an Anti-Materiel rifle, designed to take out high-prority targets like hardened instalations, aircraft, vehicles, etc.
I can only imagine the damage that sucker would do.

i ment it like a alternative bar model that you get if you press the button in a secret area. Preferrably a referance to old ttr.
Ah, yeah that makes sense.
Admittedly, it\'d make more sense to have it replace the sniper rifles, though I agree it does look like the BAR.

The NTW-20/14.5 is a bolt action rifle, so that fits with the ttr sniper rifle set, only difference being is that you look at the german soldier and see this monstrous thing in his hands instead. haha
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