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Full Version: Crysis
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Well, its out. I downloaded it a couple days before release Tongue Anyone else played it yet?

I think its one of the best games I\'ve ever played. At first I was playing it in vista because the highest quality settings are only avaliable when you run dx10. Problem is, being on dx10 and vista you lose tons of fps. Then i found out someone made a new config file that \"unlocks\" those very high settings in Win XP. Its great, im playing with maxed out settings at a fairly smooth framerate unlike the slideshow i was getting on vista with it\'s \"superior\" dx10 support.

Firefights have never been so satisfying, as both parties exchange fire, the environment quickly gets torn apart, the sound is great, and all the motion blur and wonderful particle effects really make it intense. Another thing i love is, 3d ironsights that change depending on your movement and such Big Grin I know its been done many times before, but never so convincingly imo

Well thats the end of my little outburst..time to get back to playing
ohhh, maybe i shall get round to checking it out sometimes then Big Grin
what are your specs al?

i\'ve got a core 2 duo e6600
8800 gts 640 mb
3 gb ram
vista/xp dual boot

and it runs pretty nicely
dx10 lol

and maybe ill get it eventually.
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