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Full Version: Goobeh\'s Roadtrip.
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I\'m off to Winnipeg! For a few days, it\'s gonna\' be sweet Big Grin. I\'ll post a full story and pics when I get back Smile.
i have no idea what to expect :>
Same here. Well, have fun.
who are you going with?
(and no i won\'t be driving you!)
I got stranded in Saskatoon, which sucked. Never made it to Winnipeg, and the dude I was with was an ass. But I\'m back home safe and sound Big Grin
... what happened?
yeah, you said you\'d post a \"full story\" when you were back Tongue
Alright, full story time!

My friend Travis and I decided to head over to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The fact of the matter is I never made it, due to personal issues with being stuck in Saskatoon. I am too far ahead of myself though, so we shall go to the beginning.

The beginning is a long treacherous road out of Edmonton, we arrived at the Clareview LRT station (Light Rail Transit, subway in otherwords) and then we proceeded to navigate our way along a train track hoping to get out of the city. We shortly after turned onto a street, that looked more promising and made a cardboard sign with the words \"Manitoba Please\" on it.

After being lost in Clareview (a neighbourhood) for a few hours, we decided to find Travis\'s house and navigate from there (which was much easier). After making our way out of the city, we caught a ride with a nice fellow named Allen who drove us 30k outside the city limit. We then caught a ride with Josh a well mannered and very likable fellow with a quaint small town accent, who drove us to Saskatoon.

Along the way we had a few cigarettes, talked about life in general (Josh and I that is, Travis slept seeing as we were sleep deprived) and finally made our way to Saskatoon. Once in Saskatoon it was kind of strange, the crosswalks had recorded voices saying which way to cross and what colour the light was. There was music throughout the city, Beethoven I believe. Quite stellar, until the rain hit.

After sleeping in a parkade, and then in an apartment lobby we made our way to a 7-11 and got ourselves some morning snacks and phone numbers for showers. We ended up showering at the local YMCA, which was a dreadful experience as we had no towels. We were then picked up by Travis\'s friend Christian (a girl) who\'s house we went to.

At Christian\'s house we hooked up her phone, as she had just moved there, and talked a bit. Then we went back into town and I bummed a smoke off of one of Christians friends. After that I called my girlfriend, who flipped out on me and left me distraught and wanting to go home. I then left Travis, who later got mugged, and found my way home.

And that my friends, is why plans make things go better. :wall:


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