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Full Version: Why I rock...
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I opened up my laptop by myself and replaced the CD ROM drive all by myself.

Now I can burn all the DVD\'s and even some dual layers.

The old one crapped out bad. It was so satisfying to jump on it and smash it to pieces.
[Image: rock.jpg]
[Image: 1cookie.jpg]
Damn straight! Not only did I get it back together, I got all the screws in the same spots they came from. That in itself, is deservant of one of those cookies.
omg teh whipped creamzors.
wow, that\'s pretty impressive i guess, well congratulations Smile

not many people are capable with laptop insides!

The first time I did it, I forgot to plug my keyboard back in. Went to type an IM and it wouldn\'t type. I knew right away what had happened. It took me 20 minutes to get it opened up, then replugged in.
my keyboard clips off without the need of any screws Tongue
Mine\'s under 3 layers of plastic and 1 layer of metal. Each individually screwed in with mutliple screws. It was a bitch for me forgetting to do a simple thing.
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