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Full Version: Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday Mengioto!!!!!!!

W00T Happy birthday Big Grin

[Image: birthday-happy.jpg]
Remember, regardless of how much you drink, the rate of alcohol absorption is constant, and can lag behind how quickly you drink.
does meng even drink?
lol Pun always acting as the responcable one, every birthday thread comes another wise tidbit of drinking advice.
Happy Birthday Meng. Don\'t drink at all. We will do this for youSmile
Everybody in the netherlands seems to drink except for religous people or people who cant handle it.
i can handle it AND im not religious, isnt that great!!!? Tongue

yeah I had a great time yesterday a lot of people showed up, but i didnt drink that much alcohol at all actaully... too bad Tongue

we went to see a movie in the evening and then another was supposed to show up, but becuz i forced her to eat a cherrypie (just a little bit tho...) in the afternoon, she was nautious and stuff.. Sad she had to work, but she ran to the bathroom a couple of times to puke...

but she\'ll come by today (if shes still alive, somethings wrong with her insides..) and some relatives will come this sunday Smile

and thanks btw Smile
oh my god, I just got a call from that friend that kept puking at work! she ended up in the hospital because she fainted :|

shes okay now, she is at her docter to schedule something to check out whats really wrong atm..
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