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And I don\'t mean support as in tell me your problems and we\'ll all hug (ya friggin pansies). But I think I\'ve figured out a decent way to rig up a support system.

Err, support as in supporting the in game weapon. You set it up by making a support key. Something really simple.

You hit it and the game makes a quick check. It checks the distance from the gun to some sort of surface. These surfaces could be a wall, a corner, a low box... Anyway, you set the distance to be a foot or something like that.

So you hit the support button, and you\'re within a foot of a surface. This does a couple of things. First, it halves weapon shake. Anyone who shoots guns will tell you that it\'s difficult to freehand a gun for any amount of time. And it doesn\'t matter how well you\'re built, the gun is going to shake. So you hit the support button, and it halves the amount the gun shakes on you.

Another thing it does is half the mouse movement speed. While this is an advantage, so it\'s hard to jerk the mouse around while supported, it\'s also a disadvantage. It\'d be hard to defend yourself if you get flanked or out maneuvered.

Another thing it would do, is it would severely limit movement while in range of the surface. I.E. you would move at about quarter speed in any direction until you either A.) Left the range to surface or B.) Turned off Support. Again, this would limit you in a SHTF situation, especially when you\'re panicking.

Unfortunately, to keep the game simple (for now), I would advise against raising or lowering the model to the surface. Just not necessary. For the time being, the best thing to do would be to make an animation of support mode. Something like the arms are tucked in really tight to the body.
would probably work.
So the basic idea is to have something like DoD\'s MG placing concept, only with all weapons(and not quite as crappy)
We\'d been talking about this and other things like it and hadnt reached a solid idea just yet.
well, the movement would mostly depend on the gun. A rifle would have better and a different movement than say, a BAR or other light MG\'s, which would more be pivoted than moved across the surface.
Nice idea. I\'d have to try it in game to say if it\'s usefulWink
Not quite reno. I\'m not talking about setting up the bipod on a surface. I\'m talking about resting your body for support on a surface. So it wouldn\'t change the rules of movement at all.
So what you\'re saying is instead of propping the gun on the ledge, you\'d instead prop your arms, the sme way you\'d prop them up when lying down?

I was thinking more along hte lines of setting the gun on the surface(depending on the height, nauturally) but i can kinda see what you mean now.
Or in the case of a wall or corner of a wall, you\'d technically be leaning against it. Not sure if it would be worth it to do all the animations, since this would only be a filler for the beginning.
interesting, i do like the idea, and animations really wouldnt be too hard, as technically, we can fake IK stuff in Torque by blending between a max and min position.
So to set it up, you\'d have a \'high\' and \'low\' position for the arms, and then you\'d blend between untill you hit the ledge, and it\'d stop blending, and poof, you\'re resting on the surface.

So pretty good and feasible idea, though the pretty implementation will be a far way off ;P
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