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Full Version: so I started making a map
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So far, so good. But because of the size of the map the skybox is going to look like crap unless there is a way to cheat the game and make it think that it\'s a lot smaller than what it really is.

Can this be done? I\'ve checked beyondunreal wiki and well, it\'s a bit... incomplete.

And also, how do I import my own decorations into the game without compiling them into a pack (embedding them into the map)? or... does anyone remember what was needed to compile this? All I can remember is that I had to put some folders (model, texture, sound -if needed) and run a weirdo command that I forgot, which was something like UCC -makeall or somthing like that, but previously I had to write my own class script. It\'s been a while so... memory is failing me here.

Aaaaand also, how do I add a collision cilinder to these thingies without needing to go through each one in Ued manually? (I\'ve noticed that half the trees don\'t have these :redface: )


Oh I forgot, anyone using a crap-like computer? ie: 1200mhz (intel P4 equivalent) or below. I\'m asking because well, mebbe you won\'t be able to run the map. HA-HA.
Good luck with your map
Hmm.. think if it\'s worth the effort. If you have a lot of spare time and like creating maps you can make it. If you are going to make a big map forget about people playing or having fun on it on ttr sunday. I\'d appreciate anything new for our grandpa TTR. Especially a lot of new players and servers... or at least some botsBig Grin So good luck:tup:
Not sure what that means but ok, thanks I guess.

I\'m doing it for my viewing pleasure for now, the size is roughly 400x400m or something like that, open terrain with neat effects & plenty of details.

So anyone knows how to?

EDIT: Sorted out the collision problem.

Now a new problem arised: is it possible at all to put a sound into a decoration so when you go through it it plays? (must play once everytime you go through it).

I\'ve tried TTR_Trigger, it seems to be able to trigger things by proximity. Here ends my knowledge in triggers.

TriggerAmbientSound wouldnt cut it (well if I knew how to make it work) because it has to be one sound only.
Best is to keep the map small because the max number of players is 10. So most rounds will be 5v5 or less.
5vs5 in this map will play correctly. Or maybe it won\'t, not that I care much honestly. In the very early stages of the mod we usually played 3vs3 in bigass maps and it wasn\'t a problem, plus the ballistics can only be noticed in huge distances.
I\'ve made a short fraps of the map, like a WIP. It\'s 5.7mbs (more or less). Uploading now, i\'ll update when its ready

zomg here it is http://media.putfile.com/TTR-Granja

The map is about a farm, where there are some AA 88 cannons hidden around, and maybe more stuff if I get creative. I\'m planning to give the german side the SS skins for all the roles, and one of the american engineers will have a garand most likely.

You can either engage in ranged combat until the timer runs out or try to accomplish the objectives silently (ranged combat = teh fun). I plan to add a lot of cover and some high grass (if I ever get to add some custom decorations) so that it\'s possible to sneak past the lines. I\'m guessing that officers will be of some use in this one.

And thats it for now
Hi, glad to hear other people are taking an interest in mapping. I think I can help you solve a few of your problems.

1.) You said the skybox looks like crap? Did you put the skybox texture directly on the sides of the map? If so, that\'s not the correct way of doing it. First you need to create a brush outside of the playing area, in the black space. I\'d say make it about 1024x1024x128, or 256. Next, add textures to this brush that you subtracted outside of the playing area. Next, go to Actor->Info->ZoneInfo->SkyZoneInfo and place the SkyZoneInfo actor in the center of this brush. Add the appropriate lighting inside the brush, rebuild, and you should have a skybox when in-game. You won\'t see it in the editor.

2.) For the triggered sound issue, there is a way to trigger a sound when you enter an area, but I\'ve never used it. I can only guide you to the correct one. Go to Actor->Keypoint->TriggeredAmbientSound.

Hope this is helpful.
Ahh, cool, thanks a lot for the skybox tip, I had forgotten how it was done, but I do remember spunges telling me. On the TriggeredAmbientSound though, well I\'ve tried to use it but it turns out that I have no f*cking idea of how to trigger triggers :\\

I just discovered the guide in your sig. Reading now... Tongue

Ok, no mappage stuff
Ok, first and foremost:
That short video fills me with happyness.

Secondly, when dealing with loading and storing special models/sounds/textures into the map itself, it needs to be saved in the class/package \'mylevel\', though this will inflate the size quickly if your not careful.
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