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Full Version: Idea for maps, and other things.
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Well, since Torque has the capability to have such large maps, why not use it?

I\'m suggesting that all of Huertgen is modeled as a single map. Then you place objectives all across the area.

And thus you would have rolling objectives in a near perpetual map per server. But you would only allow the teams to fight over specific objectives at a time, so it really becomes a territorial capture game. For example, you can\'t sneak all the way past the enemy lines, and capture a rear base. The only objectives that would be available to capture would be those on the front lines.

And because of this, you would have rolling spawn points as well. For every matched objective pair, you would have a specific spawn for each. And as for every real battlefield, each area might have advantages in attack or defense.

Now the problem comes as to figure out how to direct the fight. I believe the area is 10 square miles or so. If you make it so that EVERY front line objective is available to be captured, it\'ll reward spreading out the fight and being sneaky. I.E. If there are 40 people on a server, they\'ll be more inclined to sneak out and capture objectives that aren\'t or are lightly being guarded.

To fix this problem, you would only have one (or possibly a couple with really high numbers) area available to be battled over. Once you capture this, the next area becomes available.

And the next problem is the transfer of power. Who is attacking, and who is defending? Well, whoever wins the individual battles will be the ones attacking. Say the battle starts out dead in the center of the map. Allies lose, because the Axis have defended their objective and then pushed them back and took the allied objective. The Axis team would then analyze the map, and then pick two adjacent objectives and the next battle is started. Say they then lose this battle. The allies get to choose where the next battle is.

The advantage to this is that you can work around tough obstacles to attack. If there\'s a bunker complex as your next objective, don\'t attack it head first! Attack the next adjacent objective and then attack the bunkers from the rear!

Another advantage of this big map idea would be to place Training areas way to the rear. These would be outside of the area that is modeled around Hurtgen forest. But you would be able to choose to spawn in, where you\'ll have the ability to change out weaponry, head to the firing range, check out the obstacle course, possibly even a track for light vehicles.
We have actually considered making all of Hurtgen a single map. Unfortunately, this will not be possible until the TSE is stable as a game engine and crossplatform, which will probably not occur until late this year or early next year.

Your idea on how to handle it is interesting, and we may make use of it at a later time. If TTR should somehow find itself with a large number of players (We can dream, right?), we are considering investing in some code that would allow us to run numerous player created servers in parallel. In effect, a dynamic MMOFPS.

This is all significantly down the line however. At the moment we are focussing on having a small, tight, and well polished demo prepared for IGC that will be fun and intense with 8-12 players. If you have any suggestions on unique gamemodes that would still be playable with 8-12 players we would be very much interested in hearing them.

How would you theoretically handle several servers without compromising client playability? Using them as separate \"zone servers\"? Maybe limiting that feature to certain maps designed for it? hi2u everyone
-i\'d like to see a map with an allied assult on a Nazi secret base hidden in a castle like in Indian Jones & The Last Crusade ( Smile maybe in the castle map there could be a maze? )

-I\'d like to see some nice gardens with pretty flowers

-how about a map freeing prisoners of war from a concentration camp

-any hope of fighting going on around the Eiffel Tower?
[Image: Eiffel%20Tower.jpg]
I rellise that no fighting took place in paris in real life... but it would make for a nice map... Smile

-I\'d also like to see a map of a farm with all of the animals running around scared.

-And, will Das Boot be remade?

(Hello Roy, Big Grin )
- Hidden hat on the hills with enigma
- Small village like on Band of Brothers series
- Open field massacre
- Defending some building like school or abandoned factory

Hi RoySmile
Del, I think you should plan for there being a lot of people almost right off the bat.

Here you are, offering a free game, a free WW2 FPS for that matter. If you even hit up 1 of the popular gaming sights, you\'re going to have new players coming out of the woodwork.

But it would be too difficult to try to link the servers. I was thinking that the servers would be completely independent.

The next problem would be the class system. How are you going to set it up? Will it be a point earned system? Or will it be first come first serve?
will there be a player ladder for TTR:T players?
Wow, I love you guys. I\'ve been arguing for a fantastic idea which encompasses a lot of the ideas your all talking about - team run ladders, tournaments, persistent worlds, dynamic linking of peoples servers etc.....

However as stated at the moment we are working on the smaller game which will also feature in any release.
Nice idea pun. I sorta had similair thoughts in mind.

Hi roy
I have an idea! Why not just make the game?
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