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Full Version: Weird news... again
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Some of the first weird news to debate in these new forums (maybe we should sticky this too and keep adding to it)

Why we shouldn't make boyfriends/girlfriends over Internet games Smile
now thats good stuff lol. im gonna call the cops on the 56kers for lagging in my bhd server Tongue
hah dont joke about that subject, weird stuff happening in my online game at the moment
people just need to calm down. some people need to get lives apart from there computer. people that call the cops over a game just need to go get laid.

im sry if saying this offends anyone i just think that calling the cops over a game is just plain stupid.
\"its just a game\"
well, yes, but she DID violate the EULA she had to have agreed to to play the game. no matter how silly it may seem, she did violate a contract.

however, calling the cops on having your Lineage items stolen.. lol.. get a life.
Heh, that happened to me once.... But really, calling the cops over a game is sorta childish. So what? You just have to start over, heck I\'ve been playing Diablo II for 5 years because my blizzard account keeps expiring, so I don\'t see what the big deal is. Smile
never trust anybody Sad
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