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Full Version: The World\'s Best Space Sci-Fi Ever
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Just found this today. It\'s the result of an online poll by New Scientist Space. Here is the global top 10 (heh, Pun will like it):

Quote:Worldwide Top 10

1) Firefly (TV) 884 votes

2) Serenity (movie) 727 votes

3) Farscape (TV) 271 votes

4) Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (book) 171 votes

5) Babylon 5 (TV) 157 votes

6) Battlestar Gallactica 145 votes

7) Dune (book) 140 votes

8 ) Ender’s Game (book) 138 votes

9) The Empire Strikes Back (movie) 126 votes

10) Doctor Who (TV) 107 votes
Complete list with results commented: http://www.newscientistspace.com/article/dn8211

Firefly? Serenity? FarScape????... Gosh... the world has gone crazy.

As you\'ll see we can conclude two things: a) Firefly stuff (all Whedon\'s stuff by extension) is the best scifi stuff EVER released; b) Firefly/Serenity fans (Whedon\'s by extension) are just the most active poll clickers (and forum posters, and blog reviewers... etc, etc) EVER.

Anyway, Browncoats have absolutely pwnt Trekkies. So, beware, they\'re the new plague! Smile

BTW, I thought it\'d be funny to have a TTR top over the top list. So vote for the very best scifi thing from the top 10 if you feel like (just one option allowed).
Wow. I am so powerfullly not into sci-fi, looking at that list. Count me out of this poll!
I can\'t choose D: All the ones I have read/watched on there kick so much ass.

I\'d vote for Ender\'s Game, Hitchikers, and EP5 simultaneously if I could, though.
no star trek? Sad
Yeah its pretty wierd to not include the mother of them all.
After some thinking I\'ve finally voted for the Empire in the poll. Call it a (de)generational issue.

But my vote would have gone to the Asimov\'s Foundation series if they would have been in the top 10. Shame they seem to be too old and boring for all this Whedon new breed... Confused
BTW, about Star Trek, it\'s not only absent in the global top 10, but it\'s also pretty low in the top TV list:

Quote:Top 8 TV Shows

(only 9 made it to the first round)

1) Firefly 884 votes

2) Farscape 271 votes

3) Babylon 5 157 votes

4) Battlestar Gallactica 145 votes

5) Doctor Who 107 votes

6) Star Trek: The Next Generation 94 votes

7) Stargate: SG1 73 votes

8 ) Star Trek 47 votes

Dunno. This reminds me about Superman. It suddenly goes from a cool cultural icon to an old and better-to-avoid cheesy and lame thing.
[Image: stewart-patrick-photo-patrick-stewart-6203514.jpg] Patrick, old and lame? are you out of your mind Wink
And how could it be \"The Empire Strikes Back\" and not \"Star Wars\".

Would be the same as picking one eposide/film of \"Star Trek\".

Besides, those \"modern\" series are what the kids have seen at what gets up on their \"fantastic effects and computer graphics\" scale...

For me, Star Wars (IV to VI), are the best. Simply because they are what introduced me to the genre and I really like it.
where\'s 2001?
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