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Full Version: Tweaks for the community version...
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I was just thinking about tweaks I believe are needed for the community versions.

I don\'t think they are too complicated, but then again I\'m not a programmer.

1.) The 1911 Colt is way too weak. Especially at close ranges. At point blank range, it needs to kill in 1, occasionally 2 shots (not counting bad shots). The same thing needs to be done for the Thompson.

However (and a big one at that), the damage needs to drop off a lot quicker at farther ranges. I.E. While the .45 is devastating at close ranges, it is almost useless at anything past 100 yards. Innaccurate too.

2.) I could be wrong, but I believe that the Mp40 is firing too fast. 400-500 RPM is supposed to be really controllable. For example, the BAR on slow fires at 450.

Because of this, the MP40 would be really controllable. But in my opinion, it needs to be a touch more accurate also.

3.) The K98 animation needs to be slowed down. As it is right now it is incredibly quick. The gun isn\'t fully done recoiling before the character is working the bolt.

This same thing applies to the 1903 sniper rifle.

It needs to be fire, recoil, then operate the bolt. But the recoil doesn\'t necessarily have to go straight up. It can be in a random, but slightly upwards direction.

Though this could be out of the spectrum of coding...

4.) The M1 Carbine should (not needs) to have the magazine capacity lowered to 15 rounds. It was a lot more common to have the 15 round one, with roughly 10 mags of ammo, then to have 30 round mags with 5 of em.

Again, I believe the power needs to be upped a tiny bit, but then have the recoil up a little more.

5.) Again, this might be out of the realm of coding. But after the last round is fired on the 1903 and the K98k, the bolt stays open.
I agree with all those points but for the last one we need more than coding.
Compared to the BAR (which you hold just like the garand) the MP40 is lighter and shorter (and doesnt have a shoulder support except for a lousy one). So it is less controllable
but is it also that in real life?
But the Mp40 is firing a 9mm round. The 9mm is controllable in a pistol. It would be very controllable in an SMG.
I\'ve fired an MP40 with both live rounds and blanks. Firing from a hip position it is very controllable. From about 40 feet you can put all your rounds into a 3 ft radius. As for the shoulder stock being lousy, that\'s just not true. It\'s actually very sturdy. While firing from the shoulder you can hit a 1ft radius at the same range. Even the american thompson is about as accurate, but it seems a bit heavier. Now if you want to see something that is uncontrollable, try firing an MG34 or 42 from the hip.
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