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Full Version: Supply issues
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Well since this is a winter-ish campaign, and both armies usually had difficulties supplying proper cold weather gear, I was thinking that maybe 3 out of 5 soldiers did not have proper gear, this means their hands shake, which in turn=decreased accuracy and mag changes...on the other hand the bulky winter coats make mobility an issue.

Also instead of the randomness, you could have people select whether they wanted one before the round etc...

This is just a random idea:wacko: don\'t know how it will work out or anything, just throwing someinth into the pot
I think that too much realism would kill ttr. Anyway it can be added as an option (mutator or whatever) so you could decide if you want it or not.
While implementing something like that would be decently easy, I don\'t think it\'ll go in. Seems a bit too much like yet another check box where everyone is just going to have the same preference and it ultimately adds little-nothing to the total experience.

Adding it in as a community mod is always a possibility though, I guess.
well to ofer such a handicap to l337 players who wish to prove them selves, i think the option should be avalable :tup:
I agree but by that stage german units were fairly prepared for a winter war. The allies however werent as much.
Weren\'t there C-47\'s and Ju-57\'s which dropped supply crates in certain area\'s every day?
It would be cool to show the lack of supplies and so forth through different models, and so forth. But to actually make it affect the player? And to make that affect random or semi-random? It won\'t add anything to gameplay. It won\'t change the way the player plays the game or executes strategies more realistically, which defeats its purpose. And, if you make it a choice, most players will ignore it, esp new ones, and in the long run probably won\'t add up to much. An interesting idea, but the ROI I don\'t think justifies it.
See, one idea that had run through my head, is that you ahve your primary objectives, like classive TTR, and then you could have sub objectives. While sub objectives cannot win you the game, they can make it easier to do so.

In example:
Say there\'s a map where in each team(or maybe just one, whatever fits) has a ammo/supply depot behind their lines. It\'s not a primary objective, so you dont HAVE to go back there, but if you did get back there, and sabatoge stuff, the next spawns on that team would have decresed ammo supplies, that sort of thing.

Doing sub objectives could pose massive options gameplay wise, my supply depot idea being only a small one Wink
sounds good Reno :tup:
yeah I liked Reno\'s idea to Big Grin
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