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Full Version: Reno\'s Project Revealed.
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Reno\'s Secret Project Y has been released. Read about it under the \"Game & Engine Features\" section on the \"About\" page.

[url=\"http://www.thethirdreich.com/about.php?pid=8267\"]Direct Link[/url]
Don\'t you mean this link?

Where\'re the big sshots and videos? :?
Nice work, I guess video is off limits due to NDA... damn I wish I had a coder like that. Nice work.
No, I meant ^ that link Smile.

For it to work on the news page of the site it needs \" around the link \" . It works from the news page, but has a problem in here though...
That\'s it? That\'s all? GRASS? I don\'t get it. This can hardly be called a breakthrough in the game. Being able to interact with grass brings nothing to the game itself. It\'s nice looking and all, and one could argue that it brings some interaction along (\"look, I can make the grass move as I go through it!\"), but to the game itself, it\'s rather pointless. Sorry.
Ek, your link (http://forums.thethirdreich.com/showthread.php?tid=663) goes to the page we are on right now...
?IndieGrass is generated at runtime. So no previous artwork is required, simplifying the process of creating massive fields of grass to simply adding an object in a map which generates the grass itself.?

Doesnt sound pointless to me. Sounds like a huge timesaver.
The link in my post, when I edit it (did that about 15 times to make sure) is correct. It works from the news page, but *not* from here.

The news page demands \" on either side of the link, something this page right here doesn\'t like.

It works where it\'s supposed to work. I *know* it doesn\'t work in here.
Lol, not to be an arsehole or a thicko or anything, but if it doesnt work in here, why did you post it? Shifts link works fine for me. Yours doesnt.
Maybe he\'s using a custom link parser for the News page. Whatever it is, it\'s not a major problem anyway. Just follow the link I posted or browse manually the main site.

And for IndieGrass, well looks cool. I hoped to see it in action though, or at least some stills.

Any plan about giving more visual stuff on the IndieGrass project in the nearly future?
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