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Full Version: The \'post your best game screenshots\' thread!
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[Image: f16-2.jpg]

Vips Tongue
it would help if you\'d add the game\'s title. that\'s fs2004?
[Image: StormWind.jpg]

Wow american beta, still waiting for my european version
Is that world of warcraft?
Looks like it, but god resize that image Smile
The_Punisher Wrote:Is that world of warcraft?

yep, i cheated my way into the american beta testing, like many europeans, played for a week straight before being kicked off. I\'m now eagerly awaiting the european final open beta and the european release

lvl 22 Dwarven Rogue btw
looking through my pic folder, i found a few screenies from various games Tongue Smile

jumping a fire truck in GTA:VC Smile

not a 3d game, but here is a true fireball cast by my friend playing an 8th lvl half-elf wizard. no, its not staged, that is now the dice fell Smile EDIT: dungeons and dragons, 3e (thats a mad-irishman\'s char. sheet v1.0 for what it matters.)

[contains semi-nudity]
Gothic, the only game i know where your character in the game can BUY pornography.

used this for a sig a while back. 2nd level of Halo

i think this is on RO-Berlin. gotta love karma :tup:

i have looked for, but cannot find two screenshots, taken almost simultaniously on RO-Ponyri (an early ver, maybe 1.2) in the trenches. 6 of us were crammed into one 10ft stretch of a trench. we capped, i took a \"group screenshot\" because it looked almost like a dogpile. less than a second after i hit F9, i hit it again because a PPSH-41-wielding ruskie turned the corner and blasted all of us in 2 seconds. i got the 2nd screenshot when all but myself and another german was dead. i dont know why i didnt back those up D:
I?m all for re-use. Published this before over at DCLI HQ, but whatthehell ...

From the blue into the black: TurboBender the to the rescue!
[Image: 1.jpg]

– Resistance is futile you idiot bag of bones!
[Image: bendermanta2.jpg]

Hellbent for pain!
[Image: slalom.jpg]

– Eat my metal shorts, meat container!!
[Image: 2.jpg]

To kill a mocking\'bot.
[Image: tokillamockingrobot.jpg]

A wrong turn proves fatal ...
[Image: wrongturn.jpg]

2 seconds from glory!
[Image: benderball.jpg]

Carpoolin\' ...
[Image: hitchhike.jpg]

But what does it all mean?
[Image: whatdoesitmean.jpg]
BENDER!!! Big Grin

u got george as well btw? Tongue
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