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Ok, I know this shouldn\'t belong here and that the community here is a tad different then our concept but as a long-time Id like to announce here that my mod: All Out Fairy Tale has been unleashed upon the world again.

For those who do not know, AOFT is a first person beat/shoot\'m up for Half Life 2 (Torque was a tad expensive for me) with a \"unique\" setting: fairy tales.
We took the famous fairy tales and twisted them around, added some politics, religion and other stuff to spice it up to show the true nature of these \"childrens tales\" that are in fact every single one of them tales of horror and morale. You\'ll be in charge of one of your favourite fairy tale characters who will battle it out in numerous ways against eachother in the Enchanted World. The goal of it is to bring a bit more fun back into online gaming that has been dominated by freaks since the dawn of age... This was also the reason why I liked TTR back in the days: I actually could kill and live for more then 4 minutes. We plan on making it as interactive as possible and with the balanced characters provide a wide array of fighting styles for the players to avoid elitism. We have alot planned and we will get it done, even if we\'ll be the indie Duke Nukem Forever
Anyways, here are some characters so you can get a feel for it:
[Image: portraitforester.gif]
This one was created as a wink to my life at TTR, the Forester from Little Red and so many other stories is in fact a nazi concentrationcamp officer in hiding.
[Image: portraitbeauty&beast.gif]
Beauty and the Beasts spell was broken but not for long, they soon returned back to their hideous form and now roam the world for a solution. This character is based on the Beast and the Whore of Babylon from the Bible.
[Image: portraitcynderella.gif]
Cynderella as we all know, had her stephmother and sisters that abused her, well she still lives underneath their roof as they force her to prostitute herself on the streets for the cash. Cynderella is a deadly assassin who is very fond of poison and determined to get her revenge on her abusive pimps.

Here are some of the planned features:
- Unique multiplayer next gen beat\'m up with later development into single player
- Play with 15+ unique characters based on the famous fairy tales we were raised with twisted and distorted for more mature eyes
- Combat with different types of weapons ranging from guns to swords to... a big piece of ham O_o
- Strategize and use tactics: employ brute force or deviously-placed booby traps to achieve victory.
- Fight battles involving one-on-one to 15 versus 1 to an all out war! Team up and take on your foes or go on a solo spree.
- Each character has his/her/their own special moves and abilities for battle.
- Taunt your foes; affect their power.
- Build your rage and unleash an alternate - more powerful - form.
- Music based on children\'s songs but, like the rest of the mod, with an edge.
- Don\'t believe that fairy tales are kiddie! We\'ll reveal the true meanings of fairy tales. Do you think pushing an old hag in an oven and burning her alive is suitable for children? Well, \"All Out Fairy Tale\" goes further.
- Realism in a fantasy setting? \"Ironsights\", fairy tale ballistics, and realistic physics combined with fantasy to produce a surreal experience you are not likely to soon forget.
- Interact with environments that can aid you in victory.
- Choose to participate in original, unconventional gameplay or enjoy revised popular gametypes.
- Perform devestating finishing moves to utterly destroy your opponent.
- This and more... will be...
\"All Out Fairy Tale\"
Yes, alot is planned and all will come gradually, hopefully with the help of people and community. I\'m confident this can be one hell of a game and I\'ll make sure I can show it in it\'s full glory.

Anyways, we\'re back :alcoholic:
and for those interested: we hope to see you soon.
Looks nice. Looking forward to play it.
sounds nice Big Grin
too bad about not affording torque though :/
ah well, when you get the cash you can always port it later Tongue

gl with that, sounds like it could be alot of fun Big Grin
Nice to see something outside the box for a change!
Sounds great. I already have HL2. Sounds like one hell of a game. Definitely very out of the box; no CS rehashes Big Grin
hehe, i see you posted a job oppurtuniny thread on the garage games forums Big Grin
hope you find the help you need(TTR should probably start hitting up the people at GG too, shouldnt we? Tongue )
yea Spunge advised me to do that, but there\'s not much response for now.
There was one who wanted me to do stuff for him, we agreed and all and shit and then all of a sudden he doesn\'t reply anymore... I don\'t get those people but hey.
Hell Id work together with TTR or other modgroupds sharing models, code and tex if I got the chance.
well thinking about it, if you DID move it to torque at a later point, we could give you quite a lot of help on Torque\'s workings.
sadly, i dunno much about modding for HL2 :/ so i cant be of much help :|
I would just like to point out that the real fairy tales are rather fucked up by themselves. All those grimm stories and the like. Very violent stories.

Don\'t confuse the real fairy tales with the child tales we have.
That\'s a point we\'re making with the mod.
With all this bullshitting about games and violence many do not stand still with the fact that the stories that are spoonfed in kindergarten are as violent and gruesome as any of the games we play... maybe even more games don\'t dare touch paedofilia (Ratcatcher of Hamelen) and cutting up wolves and drowning them.
But fairy and childrens tale\'s violence is ok cause it has morale in it apparently, just like cartoon violence is ok cause it\'s cartoon.
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