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Full Version: Shatter
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I thought it would look good if when a nade exploded near the floor that it would make a small crator .... or if a nade exploded near a wall or object , the oblect would shatter or dent ...

What do you think?!
That would require deformable terrain.

While there are a few games that feature that, it would be super cool if it could be supported in the new TTR.

Seeing how everyone praises this Torque engine to high heavens, I\'d imagine it would... Any word from the devs on that? Big Grin
Well, any engine can do it. The people using the engine have to be the ones to make it happen.

UT2k4 can do it, and it\'s used in Pariah.

Of course Red Faction, was I think the first game to have player deformable environments.

OFP has well lasting scars which was much for the time. Destroyable buildings and trees which can be crushed which i havent seen in about any other fps.
Torque now has deformable terrain. Deformable buildings... ummm.... give me a few months/years?
Heh, well i dunno how far into it i can go, but ive been looking into a type of model that actuall exsists as a volume, and could be applied to moslty any object, even buildings. the potential of it being destructable really wouldnt be too far off......
but, i think ill leave it at that Smile
and yes, Torque can(and TTR will,) support desformable terrain in the least case.
nda sux :|
hehe, it does doesnt it? Tongue
So break it? Lately it seems to be only there to pester the community Tongue
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