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Full Version: new unreal tournament
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I dont care if this place is mostly dead still postin it here
i have my doubts but hey at least a new UT.
Thanks for the info! Did you ever play UT III?

I was just wondering about a new UT a few days ago.

I have the Unreal bundle, but I still haven\'t installed it on the new workstation.

I think I need to find the Windows TTR DL!

I never did play UT3 didnt have a pc capable enough when that came out and when i found it was not a good sequel i never bothered...
About time too, I\'ve been waiting for this since they announced development of UE4... Hopefully its the game everyone wants

UT3 is good, but doesn\'t have the same edge as the original.. enjoyable, but not addictive
I don\'t think anything matches the original UT!

so they just announced it.. a completely free game, no micro transactions, DRM free. In very early stages of development so not much mentioned but apparently it will be made based around community feedback

Mods will be pushed and encouraged, which in the future they will allow to be sold for money, which they will take a cut of (TTR 2015 Wink )
I like this idea. They don\'t have to care about the money since their engine is used in biggest production$$$.
yeah, im wary about the influence of the community. I am afraid of unlocks etc etc.
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