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Full Version: Easter Monday 2012 - 8PM GMT
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Anyone up for it?

I have a server going now which should be up and around 24/7 with the top 5 TTR maps ever! Well my top five ever anyway!

I think I could bring 3-4 people to the party....

I\'d love to, but most likely I\'ll be going to work. If not, then I\'ll be there!

im not sure at all if i can, but if i can i will be there.
Woo hoo! I want to get at 4 a side, if not more!
Anyone else?

It\'s in an hour and a half!
Crap! I visited the forums just last week too. Who was able to make it? Hopped on the server, looks great. Let me know if you guys are doing it again soon.
Not many people alas, I think I am going to try and arrange a game with two weeks notice!
Yeah, I found out this was planned a few hours after happened and did a pretty much flawless recreation of Vader\'s \"Nooo!\"

If we have a bit more advance planning, I\'d bet more people would show(myself included Big Grin ). I\'m looking forward to it.
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