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Full Version: meh?
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anyone ever still check this stuff? im suprized its still up, but newho someones gotta beh payin for it, so i assume someone might beh checking too?
Hello there Izzy!

Send me a PM and we can get your password sorted out for =D.C.L.I=.

Otherwise, you just missed the biggest TTR weekend in years by a few weeks.

Hi izzy:] The answer is: yes.
definitely Tongue
hey, dudes, its been a long time, cool to see this place is still kicking it Smile

hope everyone\'s been well. I won\'t lie, it makes me a bit sad to even come back here :/ Wheres ttr 2?? Smile
reno has been silent lately
It\'s like 10 years left till TTR2Smile
Hey Izzy! Big Grin
I\'ll admit, I\'ve been silent the past bit, but I\'m getting content and stuff together for a new proper post here soon. Been pretty busy the past few months what with moving into our own place and whatnot, but I\'ve been working on stuff still, no need to worry.
As things with the move are settling down at this point, and budget (and time) becomes easier to manage, it\'ll be easier to get the resources and free time needed to put the last chunks of work in needed to get the sucker out and going Wink
But ya, I\'ll be putting up a new, proper post with info on all that jazz here shortly.

Nothing to add really, fun to know something is still boiling under the hood. Just thought it\'d be a good time to say something. Still wander around here at times. Big Grin
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