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Hi everyone, it\'s been awhile. I see a lot of familiar faces on these forums, but the last time I played TTR online was maybe 4 years ago. Around then I got interested in Infiltration, which is a modern warfare mod for UT99, and I\'ve recently started playing that again.

However, TTR remains my first love, and no other WW2 game I\'ve played really compares. I still remember playing TTR a few days after its first release, joining [77h], flaming [dbMM] and =D.C.L.I=, getting kicked from [77h], then joining =D.C.L.I= Big Grin. This community was the best and I enjoyed every moment while it lasted. Hope everyone is doing well. Later.
Hello Snipez Smile

welcome back
Hey Big-Al! Is the irc channel for TTR dead? You\'ve had that nifty signature for awhile now but personally I preferred the absinthe sig Big Grin.
tehehe Smile

yes it\'s dead. The only life, if you can call it that, is here on the forum...
im still always in #ttr :B

hi snipez
Hi tomcat. The default gamesurge doesn\'t seem to work anymore.
Welcome back:]
Snipez90@yahoo.com Wrote:Hi tomcat. The default gamesurge doesn\'t seem to work anymore.

http://www.gamesurge.net/servers/ ?
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