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Full Version: You were right, I was wrong
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About all the Bush-bashing around 2003-2004: Clearly I was wrong to condemn the man and his administration. The Iraq-invasion was fully justified (and over in just a couple of months!), Bush was an intelligent and poignant man, surrounded by brilliant and charismatic people like Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. And in no way have the actions after 9/11 further alienated the western and the muslim world.

Just as obvious now it is to me that Fox and their ilk are right about damning Obama for every action he does, including dating his wife (taxpayer money! They should be used for war, god dammit!). He is satan and armageddon is near. BTW: Shoot the abortion doctors before God gets to them.

Bored, me? Eh ...

but you need to realise that obama yes we can

canned tuna!
[Image: bush_obama.jpg]
That\'s a nice pic there Gego! :con:

Couldn\'t really find anything to say, no quip, no nothing...

Still posted though :tup: Smile
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