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Full Version: RO2
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its coming


im fairly hyped for this
I just saw mention of this at a Mac hardware site. Still not much info on it. Hopefully it doesn\'t use that silly DRM that the first RO went with.


yay another game for me not to get Tongue
you mean steam?

steam is the best drm out there tbh. (yet still drm)


there are some features that came forth recently that are not that interesting. See where bullets that hit you came from circle of CoD mostly.
If it keeps people from playing them game, then it\'s not very good is it?

well it never kept me from playing any game.

Also it seems that in order to make the game more accessible, tripwire might split it in 2, relaxed realism and full realism.

oh my Sad
RO2 looks very promising... hopefully this will bring back the community and I\'m sure it will bring in many new people as well. Is steam still not available for Mac?
That is correct Constrictor, no Steam for OS X.

So there you go tomcat, Steam has kept me from playing several games.

and TTR???
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