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Full Version: Mirror\'s Edge
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Have any of you played / seen this game? I just finished it, and it\'s a pretty cool game! Very different gameplay than I was used to, and a welcome change!


[Image: mirrorsedgetw2.jpg]

edit: made the image smaller and clickable
I heared its linear as hell...
Ive seen a movie from this game. Looks interesting.
Tomcat, it\'s linear yeah, no free roaming.

This doesn\'t matter one bit though, because you don\'t have the time to free roam Tongue i only noticed it when i started to look for free roaming when i finished the game so it doesnt bother you at all..

And even though it\'s linear, you can still get to places in different ways..

Most of the time i found myself leaning over my keyboard going like *come onnnn!!! faster!!!! argh!!! almost!!!*

so even though you\'re just running... the atmosphere is intense

@gego: I *got* the game after watching some movies, atleast i thought they were movies, later on i found out it was ingame stuff :-) all the cinematics look like run of the mill 16 color flash animations, so everything that looks pretty is ingame Smile
Have the demo on my 360. Cool as hell, and refreshingly inovative.

However, it\'s not a game I can play, since I can never run straight, and the poor girl ends up falling to her death more often that not.

ouch xD

there are some pretty tough parts in the game, knowing where you\'re walking is pretty important Tongue

how come with the moving? controls out of wack? o_O
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