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While in TTR, all the rear sights are modelled to how large they actually are, they do not appear to be that large.

When you get real close and you focus in on the front blad, the rear sight gets thinner and you can see more.
do you do any shooting outside the game man? cuz that aint the real way it happens. they dont get thinner they get blurry and all you can see clearly is the area in the middle of the rear fret, like tunnelvision. if nething it should be blurred around the sights lol
Yeah, I do go shooting frequently. As a matter of fact, I own all the non-autos in this game except for the K98.
I\'ve shot an AR-15 a few times and a M1 Garand, both of which have peep hole sights. I\'ll tell you that the peep hole sights do not get in the way at all and should be easier to use than what\'s in ttr right now. This needs to be fixed before the torque version. Go look at the Brother in Arms m1 garand rifle sight. That\'s pretty accurate. The only thing I would change is the front sight post because it seems too fat kinda.
Well, in games these days, it\'s hard to have things be solid but then make them smaller and fuzzy due to optics.

You can safely model the back sights smaller to make it do what it actually does.
Forget sights.. crosshairs are the new thing apparently

on this:
with TSE it should be more than pissible to have a depth of field effect on the weapon(this will be included into TSE)
So this would really siply happen by itself, wthiout extra work, we just make sure that the camera focuses down the sights on the gun, and it would blur the rear sights automatically.

just my input Wink
Thank you reno, you\'re the best!
sounds awesome Reno. This new engine gets better and better
That\'s such a cool effect I can\'t put it in words.
Fingers crossed and best of luck Big Grin.
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