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Full Version: IGN does the dirty
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Is there anybody else here that used to use 3D Gamers? well it turns out IGN has basically destroyed it in favor of fileplanet Sad

3DG was so much easier to use and you could actually download a file before the end of the week without having to pay for a subscription, bad IGN, bad!

the search for a decent site continues...
Fileplanet - What a pain in the arse. I never cared for 3D Gamers either.

Then again, I don\'t download much anymore not that I do almost all of my gaming on a console or three.

I personally use FileFront where possible. doesn\'t require registering and downloads are nice and fast.
Well, console\'s arent the best for fps games.
Really? I would have never figured that....

yes it is true!

but more seriously. I enjoy my wii but the games i play dont work on consoles in general.
Shame, I liked 3D Gamers. Hell, I still miss the 3D gaming magazine.
Gamershell ownz all of the above imho Smile
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