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Full Version: Hitboxes and Personel Preforation
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As the hitboxes are nearing being finalized(just some debugging to do now) it occured to me that I wasn\'t sure how to really support bullet penetration on players.

TTR99 handled it by hitting the person, checking velocity and random chances to hit bone, and then continued the projectile\'s path.
However, with hitboxes and the projectiles being considerably more accurately simulated and flexible, inter-personal multi-penetration is possible, better explained as hitting someone in the arm, and then the chest and so on.

With TTR\'s health system(localized-to-limb health) this isn\'t necissarily a fatal shot even though the damage would well ballpark over collectively fatal, but this would wreak havok on getting shot, so if you\'re at the inopportune angle you could get hit multiple times (particularly in the case with prone, where a bullet could pass through most of your body).
So what I\'m pondering on/taking suggestions for, is should the projectiles support multi-hit capability on a single person, or have a traditional \'person-to-the-next\' bullet penetration.

While I\'m at it, it\'s possible to support invidual limb health, i.e. health for your right arm is distinct from the left. This wouldn\'t influence gameplay too much other than wide-angle shots hitting both arms doesn\'t necissarily kill the target now.

So I wanna know what you guys thing about this stuff, give your opinions and takes on it below, I\'m more than happy to hear your guy\'s thoughts on this.
I think one hit per bullet is sufficient.

Smithcraft Wrote:I think one hit per bullet is sufficient.


I tend to agree, otherwise it\'ll get a bit too complicated already Wink
i say stay with standard TTR measures and only futher complicate it when futher down the road.
That\'s what I was leaning towards, but I figured I\'d get some public opinion on the matter Tongue
I think you should weigh what effect it has on processing and networking resources and demands.
as long as it\'s as cool as the current TTR stuff, it will be great :-)
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