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Full Version: tomcat ha is ruling by his axe
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viking axe

[Image: fotos0027rq3.jpg]

[Image: fotos0030sb4.jpg]

used ibanez rg170 + microcubec&dateline=1174571584
lol somewhat larger than what was posted on BuF.

LOL if they all saw this! LOL
actually i resized it with teh screenshot tag there.
Nice g-tar dude!
nice one :-) how does she play?

oeh, and what amp do you have with it? ! Smile
a roland microcube nice and small.

Currently busy learning to play body bag by obituary.
wow, that\'s some pretty hardcore music Tongue upload your stuff to youtube and let us see your progress woohoo! ^_^

Just check out that amp, now that\'s some serious portability! Can\'t go wrong with some proper DSP effects either Smile

cool stuff Smile

btw, your guitar reminds me of my girlfriend\'s guitar on those pictures, don\'t know what model she has tho xD
i have a ibanez gio 170
Bought myself a Fender American Strat about two months ago. Looks like this:
[Image: chome_blue_stratocaster_003.jpg]
She\'s a beaut!
Constrictor Wrote:She\'s a beaut!

I second that!

I\'m the proud owner of this guitar: (among others Tongue)

ibanez FTW tomcat Wink

the middle one Smile

[Image: P1010083.JPG]
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