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Full Version: Youtube vids
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hey there!

I thought I\'d make a new thread for people to show their favorite/own/special youtube vidsSmile

vids like:

yourself playing an instrument,
your own video blog
a must-see-video so you can make fun of the person in it
someone special (to you)
a videoclip from a band you like (not as in, the song Im listening to now..., but the ones you think have good graphics or stories)

so, anyone??

I\'ll start, here\'s me playing Am?lie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbTtgfhKPxA

my friends\' skate video with some dubbed over commentary (made while very high Big Grin )
andius that video is AWESOME! :o
haha another one, this time its me, this stuff is all kinda old, so i titled it satan. Its just painful to watch yourself skate, especially when its old haha

lol nice music ^^
working on some new stuff, getting better at filming and editing
o: looks cool, what\'s it for??
Just a little promotion I made for a casual skatevideo im making with some friends.

I up\'d a video assignment I made last year for an art class.
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